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Those jottings which could not be clipped with any other papers…

Tagging and then some…

1. Total books I own:-around 700
2. Last book I bought:-Wild Swans (Jung Chang)
3. Last book I read:-Last Days of the Reich (James Lucas) Five Point Someone (Chetan Bhagat) The BookSeller of Kabul (Asne Seierstad) Da Vinci Code (Dan Brown) Black Friday
4. Books that mean a lot to me: Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll), The Prophet (Gibran), Roots (Alex Haley) To Kill a Mocking Bird (Harper Lee)
5. A book that’s on its way out of your house as you write this: Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand)
6. The book I found most disappointing:Black Friday
7. Funniest book I ever read:Alice in Wonderland
8. Books I want to read but have never been able to: Catch 22
9. 5 people I’ve now tagged:ummm…only Runa and Soumyadip

CHANGELOG: Soumyadip is added as a result of this

The boss gave me this to read.

Execution is “the missing link between aspirations and results,” and as such, making it happen is the business leader’s most important job. While failure in today’s business environment is often attributed to other causes, Bossidy and Charan argue that the biggest obstacle to success is the absence of execution. They point out that without execution, breakthrough thinking on managing change breaks down, and they emphasize the fact that execution is a discipline to learn, not merely the tactical side of business.

Getting Dual Head Display on X40 series

Would love to know if anyone has managed dual head display on X40 with Fedora Core 3. sankarshan at randomink dot org is the mailing address.

I have received some inputs on this, but based on them I believe some clarifications need to be put into this post.

[1] Dual head is always possible with ATI cards on the laptop. Most IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads don’t ship with ATI (I am one of those lucky few who have ATI on the R51) but with Intel ones.

[2] I am looking for dual head or even the configuration where the same screen is available on the laptop and projector. I know this is not the classical definition of dual head.

PHP folks are in demand

A large media house based out of Delhi requires PHP folks for maintaining live sites as well as putting into motion an ASP to PHP migration.

Experience level desired – 2-3 years (candidate should demonstrate ability to work on live sites and in heterogenous operating system environment)

Position is based out of Delhi (currently)

Please get in touch with me at sankarshan [at] randomink [dot] org or take a look here

This and that…

This looks like it would be a good session. Let’s see if I can manage to find some time to attend at least the first day.

On a positive note, the activities to form the Indic L10n registered body seem to have taken off actively and this time with interest from Gora and others – we could possibly see it happen.

At ITME, where Sayamindu is upto something with ipchains and iptables, some have managed to install Fedora Core 3 over NFS across 12 nodes, but anything over 12 seems to be a problem. If someone has faced this issue or is aware of a workaround (no error messages have been posted though), please get in touch with Jayanta Chandra jccpc2003 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Have in hand a copy of The Art of Project Management and a copy of Cosmos as weekend reading material. Here is a whitepaper on The Essential Elements of a Storage Networking Architecture.

If someone has in hand a copy of the latest issue of Businessworld, do take time to read through Rosabeth Moss Kanter on leadership and her research in sports, politics and business (login required). Reiterating the need for leaders who can motivate through personal charisma, it can be used to build up effective and efficient teams which can make or break a software development process.

In his regular column, Subroto Bagchi writes about : The five cardinal principles are: respect all individuals, be fair, respect company discipline and culture, be truthful, and be fearless. The five habits are: keep promises, encourage teamwork, encourage continuous learning, be a good listener and keep the end in mind. Finally, the five key goals are: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, zero defect, high productivity and high cash flow.

Simple truths but rarely implemented effectively.

A new city – a new beginning

Finally – the fact that I have relocated to Mumbai is settling in. Not the least being the Mumbai suburban trains. I travel on a relatively lighter route – Bandra to Mumbai Central and at times when the rush hour is in the opposite direction. But then again – the crowd at Dadar seems to put things in perspective. And travelling in the morning to office has its own charms. The silent spectacle of the Welcomgroup Hotel at Parel, the low rays of the sun and the cool breeze. These are good.

At late evening, the lights from the train catch the oodles of stainless steel utensils in the kitchens of the houses by the train track. Metallic gleams which twinkle and flash in wondrous rapidity.

Looking for things to do among other things

Have finally managed to begin the process of settling in Mumbai. On weekends it will be Pune – Runa is based out of Pune. Did my first Pune-Mumbai bus ride which was eventful in its own way.

So it boils down to the fact that besides all the things that can be done across the week (both professional and personal), I am looking for things to do related to advocacy and evangelism of Free and Open Source Software. This would possibly be across the weekends, which means that anyone in Pune wishing to learn more about Free and Open Source Software could get in touch with me and perhaps we can have a good thing going.

A whole new lot of books have arrived from O’Reilly for review and I have just about managed to finish Linux Desktop Hacks and Linux Device Drivers. Additionally, the Crossword store at Pune (near Gold AdLabs) yielded a nice read – The Last Days of the Reich.

Finally – if you have time then go ahead and get this book. It is worth every minute you spend. Pity that there is no review yet on Amazon.

To all those who sent in SMS greetings and electronic mail greetings and best wishes on our marriage – thanks a lot.