There is just a thin line between exasperation and ecstasy

It happens again. Corey Burger was exasperated and then he was happy . It makes me happy when folks blog about their membership applications being accepted – provides ample measure of joy to last the day and one can hope that they keep on contributing aggresively to GNOME.

The current process of GNOME Membership is documented here and especially at the current process page. One of the reasons why tickets on the RT get stuck is that we need to have all the contacts to respond and currently we don’t have a process for requesting the contacts to respond quickly. Sometimes reminding them on IRC works and sometimes it does not. But that’s really where we tend to get stuck not to mention that the membership process normally is a low volume traffic queue unless elections are coming up – that’s when the fun starts to begin with renewals and new member applications. It is a volunteer work but that does not mean that things are done in a half hearted manner and certainly there are no double standards at play. It hurts us to read such insinuations.