Nice images

Now why does this remind me of someone I saw on TV ? This is what is meant by staying connected. Nice images Sayamindu, but where are the picture details ?

Returned to office after 10 days of pure ill-health and weakness and returned to find a pile of paperwork to be cleared. So began in a very dramatic fashion by tearing all brochures and bills that landed up on the table much to the dismay of my office mates. Which also meant that I finally managed to locate the SAN resource CD from Brocade. Had given it up for lost sometime back. The sudden change in season has not done me any good and coupled with the unbalanced lifestyle followed by me it is simply killing.

6th was my birthday and here are a few snaps. The celebration was completely unexpected and Runa presented me with the complete collection of Matrix – simply awesome.

On a side note, have managed to get a silica gel ball inside the headphone jack of the laptop and it is snugly fit inside 🙂 If someone is aware of any means of getting it out – please drop a mail to

Tango Desktop Project – Tango Desktop Project

Tango Desktop Project – Tango Desktop Project
The Tango Desktop Project exists to create a consistent user experience for free and Open Source software with graphical user interfaces.

Tango defines a standard icon style guidelines document that applications and desktop enviroments can adhere to. Work has started on creating a new base icon theme based on a standard icon naming specification. In addition, we provide transition utilities to create icon themes for existing GNOME and KDE desktops.