The obligatory blog post

Debarshi had his SoC application on “An offline package update/installation facility for Pirut.” The broad sweep of the UseCases has been mentioned by him here. He’s doing a generally good job of putting out incremental improvements moving towards the first release. In case you are eager and a braveheart, you might want to volunteer to test it out and give it a spin. Grab a copy of the goodies and remember to read up this page. He sure will appreciate feedback and feature requests. He hangs out on #ilug-cal in case you want to chat up with him.

7 years and still waiting…

This bug is 7 years old. And as on date except the Quickquote extension there’s no way one can “Quote just the selected portion of the message during Reply”. Wonder why this is taking so long to be fixed ?

On the health side, I’ve been down with flu and of course the fever (keeping a steady 102 degrees for one day) a treatment with Ferrum Phos in the early stages managed to keep things under control. Either way, it might turn out (as the saying goes) to last 7 days without medicines or a week with them.

It’s in the way you use it…

An IRC chat with a newly acquired friend resulted in the stunning disclosure that sometimes it is very easy to get distracted when one reads scrollbacks on IRC channels or even reads blogs. Distraction is a state of the mind that is common to everybody but what is important to learn over here is that the “tunnel vision”, “laser vision” (or whatever one calls it) is not something one is generally born with. That is acquired by degrees since one has to “work” at it. On a daily basis and each day keep track of how far down that road one has progressed. A fallout of far too many IRC channels, planets, blogs and what nots is that there is a large bit of information overload and not all of that information is of the “good-to-have” nature. Filtering out the noise and amplifying the signal takes time, effort and experience.