O’Reilly Rough Cuts: Get behind the scenes to stay ahead of the curve

O’Reilly Rough Cuts: Get behind the scenes to stay ahead of the curve. Yes somehow O’Reilly has managed to do it again. Providing a service like Rough Cuts is in someways unique. I subscribe to the Safari Service. It is a bit heavy on the pocket but the reason I do is that it is far better than to keep on procuring newer versions of the book the online service appears to be a nicer way of keeping oneself updated. Rough Cuts just manages to take UserDrivenInnovation (if it can be so called) to the next possible level. By ensuring direct feedback to the author as and when the book is being written, it does put in place a process by which a useful book can be shaped up.

The flip side is that it resides on the Internet and of course there is no special India-centric price.The entire process of collaboration and co-operation is Net-centric. And even now in countries like India, the internet is a major pain and a showstopper. This can be measured from the fact all said and done the LUGs are still a medium for ISO distribution. Add to it the fact that folks are not really used to an all pervasive Net-culture of feedback loop. However, things would look brighter and perhaps this will motivate a lot of students to contribute feedback. And perhaps motivate them enough to understand the nuances and begin writing.