Anecdotal IM converations

A long time friend suddenly pops up on IM with pearls of wisdom that begged to be noted down. Speaking about “knowing when it is time for a change” it as opined that the following are good indicators:

  • A feeling of “Oh boy it is office day again” when Monday morning arrives
  • Restleness or boredom
  • A recurring feeling of repitition in the work
  • Finding non-work areas of life immensely interesting
  • Inability to visualise a future which would be on the career growth path
  • Envy of what others are doing for work

This was in the context of a large subset of mutual acquaintances changing jobs this season and the thing we came up with was the “One hand Test” ie a hand has 5 digits – the as the number of questions that if asked might tend to avoid the feeling of “darn why do I stick around in this job”. Here they are:

  • What are the kind(s) of work that appeal to you ?
  • Which acitivities/tasks result in more satisfaction for you ?
  • What kind of people do you like to work with ?
  • What is your kind of work environment ?
  • Which areas/abilities do you think you can develop upon ?

Interesting exercise 🙂