Volume licensing, freedom, legality and a proactive stance

FN had posted about a regulation that makes MSFT OS mandatory for cybercafes, there is a blog post about the same from Venkatesh Hariharan. The details about the license in question can be found here or in short “Microsoft Open License is a Volume Licensing program for small to mid-sized organizations that have fewer than 250 desktop PCs. The program provides a simple, flexible, and cost-effective way to buy the latest Microsoft technology to meet your organization’s needs and procurement procedures.” (italics are mine).

What would be good-to-have at this stage is an alternative form of the regulation that has been proposed with the words chosen carefully enough to be pragmatic and capable of standing the test of law. The underlying principle is that the cybercafes require to have Operating Systems that are legal – getting the message across that the Operating Systems under GPL do meet the requirement is an important task. Thus one requires a page that can provide an alternative version of this page.
The associated task would be to setup at some in house software laboratory the UseCases for a cybercafe and attempt to match the same with available FOSS tools. Kushal has some pointers on that.