RUM is Rishi’s Update Manager

There is a proposal (or rather an SoC application) for an offline updater for Fedora. Currently called RUM by it’s creator it aims to allow creation of YUMPacks enabling those who are network challenged to update their Fedora systems. The final aim would be to allow the creation of the profile (of binaries) for the machine which is network challenged and taking that profile to another machine (irrespective of the OS on that machine), download the relevant updates and additional applications (if required) and create the YUMPack with metadata that can be used by the network challenged machine to install the required bits. There are minor details that need to be sorted out eg the write permissions on the folder based on which the YUMPack would be created, the tools used to create the YUMPack CD/DVD/media, the profile change handling and reverting of binary bits.
The UseCases it plans to address are:

1. Manu has two machines-- one at work and one at home. The former has a nice
Internet connection, while the other one does not. He is a not a geek, and
wants to install a media player, which is there on his office box, at home.

2. Rakesh has five machines, which are not on the same LAN. Although all are
connected to the Internet, the bandwidth is not good and it is costly to
download the same updates and packages on all the machines individually.

3. My grandmother wants to try out Fedora. She does not know about computers,
and finds it difficult to figure out what to install from the long list of
available packages. So, I want to give her a 'yumpack' on a CD containing the
packages she wants to have, so that she can just click and ask Pirut to
install the contents of the pack, without thinking about anything else.