We are hiring…

The mandatory post this time. There are a few openings in the Software Engineering (i18n and others), Quality Engineering and Language Maintainers (Telugu and Marathi). All the openings are based out of Pune, Maharashtra, India. While I’d really love for folks to apply online through the Career Portal (use India as the option in the drop-down list for the country) in case you don’t really get to the page mail me your CV in Open Document Format at sankarshan {dot} mukhopadhyay {at} redhat {dot} com with an appropriate $SUBJECT.

Additionally, there are a few emerging groups who are yet to put up their requirements but will do so soon. So, if you are a developer and have upstream contributions (userland, kernelspace, applications, whatever), would like to work at Red Hat, do drop me a line at the above e-mail address and I can pass this news to the relevant hiring managers and we can get down to an informal chat to figure out what would work best.

Note: The above is besides the open positions in Support Services (based out of Pune) and Professional Services (based out of Mumbai and other cities) for which I have already posted on various mailing lists. The positions for Support and Professional services are also available from the Career Portal.