Control, feeds, bikeshed and a heavy mail archive

Exhibit A, B and C are the ones which are of interest (and somewhat awe). Since I started reading it from somewhere in the middle and kept switching between the two lists, I am not the right person to sum it up. However, on recurring point in one of the threads is the issue of “control” on Planet GNOME. With the disclaimer that this blog does not get syndicated on that planet (and I don’t think it meets the requirements to get syndicated) I do have a few things to say.

When we started off this planet, the quirkiness quotient was derived from Planet GNOME. In fact, I recall that the now-not-so-young-boy who popped the question pointed me to p.g.o saying “can’t we do something like that ?” We did and even though on and off we have heard the remark that “with only that tiny rag tag bunch of feeds you call it Planet FLOSS India” – we have sustained. The single thing that keeps it going is the trust that there’s no heavy handed censoring/editing/policy driven decisions for PFI. There have been decisions for including or removing feeds – but that has been driven by the degenerating nature of feed content even with the slack that is normally given.
The exhibit threads seem to suggest that such a thing exists for p.g.o. Not being an “insider” into the world of p.g.o, I don’t really know. What I do however know p.g.o has for a long period of time been my window into a desktop environment and developer cabal (I mean that in a nice sense). And I enjoy the occasional ramblings into spaces that are not really relevant to the whole “GNOME” thing.

What bothers me is not that there is a huge thread going along these lines – but the fact that a piece of web real estate which is considered the fun side of GNOME is now being dragged into bikeshedding.