Translations, Accounts, GNOME and that thing about a mango …

Preliminary reading:

The comment here makes sense about having the coordinators get LDAP accounts. However,

  • Is this going to be documented some place ?
  • What happens with the teams having a listing ie. present in Mango ?
  • In the event that the coordinators of such teams do not have LDAP accounts and related criteria, will it be done on a retrospective effect ?
  • How do coordinators for new languages get LDAP account ?
  • Where is this being documented ?

And yes, this particular bug has not been resolved yet.
Someone should make time to sit down and fix this issue before it becomes a classic chicken-n-egg. The situation with GTP and Accounts has been existing for a while now (and I’ve been poking people over IM and IRC to take note of this). Perhaps this GUADEC the Board will take time to fix this. Else, coals in the stocking won’t be a distant dream 😉

ps: And while the Board is meeting, could someone also note that the Membership Committee folks haven’t yet got their accounts done ? Last I checked Bruno was the only one processing the RT.

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