The FUDCon that was not to be

Dear Fedora Community Members in India,

A number of you would be aware that we have been working towards a
FUDCon at FOSS.IN. I had recently made a blog post on that note as well.

Today, I would like to share the news that this is a FUDCon that is not
meant to be. Since yesterday evening, certain significant points of
disagreement have come up between the teams working towards FUDCon and
FOSS.IN. As such, in light of those issues, it is best that the FUDCon
is not gone through with at FOSS.IN

I will be getting in touch with the speakers who travel costs have been
sponsored in part or full by The Fedora Project.

FOSS.IN is a leading event and we, at The Fedora Project, wish the event
and the team working tirelessly behind the scenes all the best and
success they so much deserve.

There are positives to everything and the run up to the FUDCon has
brought a small number of wonderful members from the Fedora Community
closer together. They have been planning, coordinating, scheduling and
working like a well oiled machine. That is a great find. And, we will
continue that momentum and harmony.

We have come a long way since The Fedora Project Day at FOSS.IN last
year, and, though we have ambitious dreams for The Fedora Project this
year (and the coming year), we have a fantastic set of people who will
be making that happen.

And, since it is always best to end with a smile – here’s something to
keep you busy : Susmit Shannigrahi is now the proud owner of the largest
set of rare FUDCon swag.

Rock on,


Read it off the archives if you want.

One thought on “The FUDCon that was not to be”

  1. Don’t you worry, the FUDcon swag is a very small subset among all produced.
    Around 2500 stickers and four banners. 😀
    Everything else is generic and very much usable at _any_ event.
    And now that it has been called off, I may take the pain to open and repack the packets. 😉

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