On the Goddard bus

I installed Fedora 13 (Goddard) on two of my boxes. The profiles are here and here. On the X200 things worked out of the box, the only reason it took time was because I needed to back up the entire data on it before installation and then transfer it back. And, post install I’d to figure out which of the software I had in F12 before unleashing a massive yum install on the system. I wish there was a simple way to create a profile of applications and, thereon apply the profile to a freshly installed system to get the software just the way one desires.

On the HPMini210-1095TU, the wireless and the touchpad do not work yet. They aren’t much of an issue, though it would be nice to have them working and, suggestions are welcome.

The new release feels much snappier, the GNOME desktop looks good. A big thank you to all those who make it happen each time, on time.

Update: A new kernel, as indicated at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=590835 fixes the touchpad issue


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11 thoughts on “On the Goddard bus”

  1. I wanted a fresh install since I have been doing upgrades on this box from around F9 and, would have loved to get rid of the .gnome* cruft that piles up. Upgrade it surely allows for example check hpillay on identi.ca or, twitter for his F12 32bit F13 64 bit via the liveusb

  2. I have not seen, but I can try it out. However, I do use a standard/stock F13 build, so is there something specific that I should be looking for ?

  3. oh, sorry, missed your earlier reply.

    Check if the b43 module actually supports the adapter (just boot the system and do lsmod and see if it’s loaded). If so, check if b43-openfwwf package is installed; if it is, and wireless ain’t working, then it doesn’t work with the open driver and firmware. So try with open driver and closed firmware instead – use b43-fwcutter to extract firmware from the Windows driver for the hardware and see if b43 works with that. If THAT doesn’t work, use the closed ‘wl’ driver from rpmfusion, instead of b43. If that doesn’t work, you’re screwed =)

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