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In a spot with F-Spot

F-Spot is my tool of choice when uploading pictures to my albums. Yesterday, I managed, through my sheer idiocy, to mess things up.

Here’s what I did. I had a couple of ‘must upload’ pictures in a folder under another user’s $home on the laptop. So, I

  1. copied them across to my normal user
  2. changed the ownership appropriately
  3. imported the pictures via f-spot
  4. selected a few and uploaded them
  5. deleted the folder containing the pictures

A short while later, I figured that I had to upload a few more pictures from the same folder so, I

  1. copied them across to my normal user
  2. begun to import the pictures via f-spot
  3. saw f-spot crash on me

Anyone can see that during the second time, I forgot to change the ownership. So, figuring that was the issue, I followed the earlier steps, this time remembering to change ownership and, executed the application. It still crashed. So, I have a couple of questions:

  • is this worth filing a bug ? (Given that I did this through my own inexactness)
  • can I fix this so that the application will eventually start and, I can continue using it ? (I don’t want to clean the system of all traces of the application and re-install)

I am currently using f-spot- on Fedora 10