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A new lekhonee-gnome release

Sometime after the release announcement, Kushal asked me to use it to post a blog and see how things are. It took me a while to get to the blog (primarily because prolonged typing causes my finger joints immense pain and, it is easier to walk over to where Kushal is and do the “you seriously consider this a feature” thing ;))

The new release is a re-write in Vala which came as a surprise to me since Kushal was toying with Vala only a couple of nights before the release. However, that did mean that a couple of us were the lab-rats in the “release early, release often and release private” game that he plays before pushing it to the build system. That is especially fun because at some point during the game all the lab-rats end up having different private builds which expose unique sets of bugs.
I wonder when this becomes a default option on Fedora.
Things I like about the release include
  • the unordered list creation button
  • newer icon set
  • the ability of not barfing on a wrong auth entry for blog
  • right click for spell checking
  • save as drafts

The bits I look forward to are

  • ability to handle multiple blogs or, account management
  • better WSIWYG rendering (the fonts look a bit weird for me)
  • auto-save of blogs

If you like to see it translated in a language of your choice, sign-up here.