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F9 -> rawhide -> F9 and some nice URLs in between

I spent a large part of yesterday evening and the morning of today waiting to download the packages that would make my F9 -> rawhide transition possible. Pulling 2000+ packages (based on the installed set I had and needed to be upgraded) took some time and finally I rebooted the machine.

Plymouth progressed – I anticipated being greeted with the mind-blowing eye-popping grandeur. And … nothing. A fairly standard corporate issue Dell Latitude D630 decided today of all days was not for rawhide.

Took me around 10 minutes to figure out that going back to F9 would be the sensible option. I found my trusted F9 LiveUSB and started the process. I had a few encrypted volumes, and since I hadn’t backed up the data I wanted to figure out how to get access to them. This was as opposed to the instruction flashing on the screen ‘e2fsck -b 8193 ‘. A little bit of searching landed me this fine document for which the author gets my gracious thanks and heartfelt appreciation. A little bit of $ cryptsetup luksOpen magic and I backed up the data to a USB drive, re-installed, re-configured the mirrors, cleaned out the accumulated data bits that weren’t being useful and I was ready to go.

I think I am going to harvest some newer hardware and give rawhide a spin. Can’t just wait to get my hands on the loveliness.

And, being on topic, do remember to drop by the Fedora Project Home Page and check out the banner. It has been 5 glorious years and there’s much much more to come.