Getting Dual Head Display on X40 series

Would love to know if anyone has managed dual head display on X40 with Fedora Core 3. sankarshan at randomink dot org is the mailing address.

I have received some inputs on this, but based on them I believe some clarifications need to be put into this post.

[1] Dual head is always possible with ATI cards on the laptop. Most IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads don’t ship with ATI (I am one of those lucky few who have ATI on the R51) but with Intel ones.

[2] I am looking for dual head or even the configuration where the same screen is available on the laptop and projector. I know this is not the classical definition of dual head.

Sometime to blog

I subscribed to Newsburst, somedays back and find it a nice service to have in addition to newsfeed readers like Liferea. Haven’t find time to blog about stuff for a long time now. In the meanwhile Google has gone ahead and done a wonderful thing by declaring the Summer of Code open. Please find it here. Another new magazine on Open Source has been released. On the IndLinux mailing lists and some of it off-line, the discussion has been more on the deployment scenario for the localised GNU/Linux distributions. However, nothing concrete has been arrived at in terms of Action Points and milestones. Additionally, perhaps it is time that we did a scorecard on what the various Indic Languages have to offer in terms of a government desktop. The Government of India is by far the largest consumer of desktop PCs and mobile computing platforms. If localised distributions have to make any significant impact on the desktop niche, the application stack have to be identified.

Planet FLOSS India has a few new bloggers, while Planet Gnome has a new look that I rather fancy. It is perhaps time that we did something about the look of Planet FLOSS India.

On a side note, tested out gtkpod some hours back. The utility works fine and seamlessly but /me has some feature enhancements to be put into it. My friend Sanjeev Chauhan proposed a nice idea – how about having the “electronic mosquito repellants” come with a timer and scheduler firmwire built into it ? Would make a nice USP if you think of it…