Encrypting Local File/Folders in Evolution

Yesterday I had posted a Feature request for enabling encryption/password protection of local files/folders in evolution. There are pros and cons to this. The immediate benefit is that a few local folders can be password protected and thus some measure of security put in place. The flip side is the additional amount of metadata that goes into putting this implementation into practice. Is there any MUA that provides this feature ? I would love to ake a look at the user benefits in the way this feature is offered.

Have read through a staggering amount of documentation in the past 2 days and the head is reeling under the strain. The more one stares at the screen, the stabs of an imminent headache are obvious. However, a few friends have recommended that Maximum City would be a good read. This is for July as well as Zorro by Isabel Allende. I have till date not read much of Isabel, only these two and liked the way the prose flowed through the pages. Nothing more to be read in June – I have exhausted my quota and the books were on the near side of being not good.

On the other hand, I read and reviewed Linux Cookbook which is a very nicely compiled collection of tips for sysadmins and the like.

My other reviews are here.

Could not resist posting this:

(Parenthetically, I’d like to formally offer the CDDL to Professor Deepak Phatak of the Indian Institute of Technology, whose comments suggest we share a licensing philosopy. We designed the CDDL, leveraging the wonderful work done by the Mozilla Foundation, as a resuable license, to promote participation – along with community, opportunity and independence.)