And here we are again…

Some days back there was this post from me. Now in a related issue, take a look at Issue 64726 (you might need to login to see this) and the related attachment. The bit that is significant is:

The keyboard shortcuts used in the Bengali menus should be keyboard combinations that can be created easily with a standard keyboard. So they probably shouldn’t actually be translated

e.g. officecfg/registry/data/org/openoffice/Office/UI/localize.sdf if we examine
“”, which is the toplevel menubar entry “Window” in English, then the indic and CJK translations of pa-IN, hi-IN, gu-IN zh-CN and zh-TW all translate “Window” into their language, but
retain (~W) as the untranslated shortcut.

bn translations should follow the same pattern as the other Indic/CJK translations above.

A practical suggestion from the perspective of whatever little local language desktop usage I indulge in.