Taking some time off

This year would be the first time that I am not attending LinuxAsia, although given the theme of Interoperability – it would have been an interesting one to go to. In keeping with my tradition I did not attend foss.in and will also not attend Gnunify (this one would have been nice to attend) since I am in Kolkata during that period. The only one I would love to go to is Freedel. Let’s see when the organisers get that one going. Horizon organised by the Durgapur LUG is also being given a skip.
The past few years I have been doing the rounds of conferences and small meets and I see the same faces talking about the same thing and nothing much being done. Thus, in order to shrug off my cynicism, I am taking a self imposed break to do some stuff – file a few bugs, complete a few hack tasks I had set for myself and in general try level best not to fall out of the habit of coding. Over the past few months the sluggish and intermittent attempts to get back to coding has exposed how much out of practice I have become – and that’s frightening. Not all that I do would be available immediately, but I hope that with the plans that I have for Randomink, we can get some good things going.