Could one get GOOG to do a GSoC BoF at ?

It might be a good idea if someone from GOOG decided to propose a GSoC BoF at this year. Given the large push in the media about the 50+ GSoC candidates this time around, it would be a good idea to try and get as many as possible to trade war stories, share their experiences of code push into communities and learn about how they plan to continue. Of course, have loads of fun and stories. Some of the things that can be done are at the GSoC BoF are:

+ discussion on how to ensure that the prospective GSoC applicants are aligned with their chosen organisation’s projects and roadmap

+ what are the GoodThings(TM) to do when one is a GSoC applicant/participant

+ what are the GoodThings(TM) to do when one is a GSoC mentor

+ how to get more folks to test the GSoC project during the release stages

+ how to get contributors to continue contributing to the GSoC project even beyond the tenure of that year’s GSoC

@home does not make one feel “at home”

Store in concern is @home

Incident 02:

1. Order # 6114, delivery assured for 23rd Aug 2007
2. On 23rd, delivery time confirmed at 1308 to be between 1500 and 1600
3. At 1749, the delivery time changed to 1900
4. At 1920, the delivery time changed again to 2000
5. Consignment turns up at 2020

Between steps 2 and 4 above, I get to listen to:

+ Delivery got stuck because of traffic snarl on road
+ Delivery person does not have cell phone ie means of contact
+ Delivery person and store have been trying to reach me for 45 mins
+ Delivery person has just confirmed to store about delivery in 10 mins

Contradictory statements topped by very rude post-sales handling

Incident 01:

1. Orders SOMH001002293 and SOM001002292, delivery assured for 26th November 2006 at 1230
2. Assured that time will be confirmed by 1100
3. At 1130, in response to a call delivery confirmed by 1330
4. Till 1600, no one calls up to provide delivery status
5. At 1650, the store manager assures a call back in 5 mins
6. Store manager never does call back
7. The consignment arrives post 1700

The shop is good, but the post-sales behaviour is so off-track it really does not make sense to be a repeat customer.

UPDATE: Here is how the shelf looks now. By the way, barring a really off-key sorry @home never did revert.