A small matter of language

Mike McGrath has an interesting post about What will Fedora be ? It has an interesting point about “Fedora will become extremely popular in non-english speaking places” in addition to “In the near future speaking English will not be a requirement to join Fedora”. Both are somewhat relevant when talking about l10n (or the ever present i18n) bits around the OS. It might be a good idea to figure out the means to arrive at how many of the users are being helped through the localisation bits that are present in the OS. Currently,

– there are no means of knowing specific numbers (smolt helps but not much)

– there are no means of figuring out how they use l10n or how bugs impact them

The last point is somewhat telling. There are not many bugzilla entries related to l10n from a usage model or even from a document consumption model. So, even though a significant number of installation, administration and deployment guides are available in the local language (at least for RHEL), there is little or nothing in terms of feedback that can improve the documents.
Sometime back I had written about users of localised operating systems. This is an area which Indic l10n might require to address to get at a seamless experience. The current method of asking for guidance on multiple lists some of which mostly end up as “change the operating system to get better experience” is not really a way forward. Rather, it is a huge step backward. For Fedora to become extremely popular in non English speaking places – we need to reach out and record the current issues that high touch users of non English systems have. The current process/workflow generally includes folks who are fluent in their mother tongue and English and generally use English as the language of choice for daily work. It is the other huge group who are perhaps fluent in one or two languages but explicitly use the mother tongue for daily work that should be the focus now.

What does it take to insist that each language in Fedora have for their language a “Fedora Tour” ?