What I heard …

Yesterday I had gone to meet an angel along with Sayamindu. Now the angel told me a few things which stop folks from “using” Linux as the operating system of choice for DTP and thus a large segment of potential users for Bengali (India) are not using Linux for their daily usage. She spoke very fast, so I quickly jotted down what were the important issues:

+ Capability for “mirror printing” ie, the printed page should actually be like the way a normal printout when viewed in the mirror would look like

+ Capability for treating a printable page into 2 software pages ie turn a A4 page into landscape mode and make two numbered physical pages out of that

+ Handling of floating frames

+ Metrically equivalent fonts for the traditionally well used ones

+ Conversion from .p65 and like formats

+ Handling of Indic properly

Does anyone have inputs on these ?