Exactly what are you waiting for ?

In case you were still wondering, it is time you signed up to be part of the OpenOffice.org Project Day at foss.in this year. The reason won’t be hard to find.

OpenOffice.org as an application forms an important means to ensure that there are “users” of localized operating system environments. As more and more citizen centric applications move towards the web (and that’s another rock solid reason for you to attend the Mozilla Project Day too), the data archival and transaction would be required to be undertaken using Open Standards (read that as ODF). This is where OpenOffice.org comes into the picture. However, this is a pretty simplistic elucidation of the scenario which would perhaps appeal to the developers who would like to contribute to OpenOffice.org through creating extensions and experience enhancers (hint: the Project Day has all that). What the Project Day should allow the OpenOffice.org team is to understand how the “standards battle” transcends mere developer interest and meshes into user interest as well as get them talking about the Education Project. The general idea behind the Project Day is to ensure that there is an increase in the quantum of developer contribution which is not only limited to translation of the UI, but extending into QA among other things. This of course does not exclude the sharing of war stories related to migration, widgets and plug-ins created around the application. What the team expects is a healthy dose of interaction and free flow of ideas which can be made part of the various sub projects that make up OpenOffice.org

Be there at foss.in this year Thanks to Aamod Nerurkar

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