Points jotted down at random

  • I am not going to GUADEC (Istanbul) this time. I figured sometime early this month that I won’t be able to take in the travel bits and really do justice towards being there. Perhaps next time …
  • Met Matthew Szulik at FUDCon Boston. Or, just outside where FUDCon was being held #305. Wow !
  • Mark Cox is an interesting person to chat with 😉
  • Met Max Spevack, Paul Frields (this time for real, the meeting at Westford office was a mirage :D), Tom Callaway, Karsten Wade and the wonderful person called Seth Vidal. Small note exchange with Max regarding activities planned. Met Greg downstairs at the Red Hat Cool Store. Managed to miss the meeting about Fedora – Community – APAC, but I am told that it was good and FUDCon may be at foss.in this year. [Note to myself – ask foss.in organizer’s about dates and provide information as early as possible]
  • Ensured that I get a photograph of Jack “I can be Jim Whitehurst today” Aboutboul 😉
  • Small chat with Harish about Fedora, JBoss and Community Development in APAC
  • Need to initiate discussion on fedora-india list about “what to do at FUDCon”
  • Sat through a masterfully led discussion (by Mo) on Spins. Learnt a lot about Spins and learnt most about how best to harness good grey cells when they cluster in a room.
  • Observed the testopia related discussion at FUDCon and for a particular reason (which would not be obvious to those who were not there the first time) it was deja vu. Felt good.
  • Made sure to be there at Jim’s talk at FUDCon. Interesting bunch of questions that he faced and in a somewhat loose way all were threaded into a more “what’s Red Hat planning to do now, where’s Fedora placed for you” meme. Karsten had fairly pointed questions around “what about the ISVs”
  • Watched first hand the sheer exuberance of the Spacewalk team and the smiles which accompanied every query related to RHN and Spacewalk. That logo is too cute for good. Mo ensured that the RHN team back at Pune have a few T-Shirts – and made doubly sure that I carried them back. Yay ! for her.
  • Drifted in and out of a few talks at the Summit. Interesting experience, unlike other ‘big ticket’ events one is used to.
  • Had a rushing-past-each-other-in-the-corridor meeting with Gayatri S from LinuxChix. Now, that was a surprise 🙂
  • Initial mail to GNOME Marketing India list about foss.in2008 plans in place. Next step to be an IRC meeting once bits and pieces begin to take shape. We need speakers and primarily we need someone to step up to the plate and volunteer to coordinate between mother_ship and foss.in presence.
  • In somewhat queer co-incidence, managed to miss meeting Sayamindu (who was at Cambridge while I was at Boston / Newton)
  • Hampton Inn & Suites at Westford suck big time. They have managed to charge my card over and above the billed amount for around 200 USD and it is taking them more than 15 days now to figure out the why-what-how-when_to_tell_card_company_to_reverse_charges bit. Sheesh.
  • On the LHR -> BOM leg of the flight, gentleman near me had 11 bottles (the small ones they hand out in British Airways) of red wine. Ahem !!
  • Finished reading Wikinomics, now to get hold of Patent Failure. Indiaplaza pretends they can deliver it in 16 days.
  • Ken Follet’s World Without End is turning out to be a not_so_fast page-turner compared to Pillars of the Earth. Ahh well !! guess that kind of novel happens once.
  • We (at Red Hat, Pune) are hiring Software Engineers again…
  • Debayan has been making progress on Indic OCR stuff

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