GNOME.Asia Summit 2009: The dates are in.

Some days back I posted a small mail to the GNOME Marketing List, which has gone somewhat un-noticed. So, with the obligatory drum-rolls, trumpets, cymbals and usual oohs and aahs, here’s the big announcement:

GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 would be held during the 3rd and 4th of December 2009 at Pune, India.

Ok. That was fairly easy. The big ticket items that would be posted soon-ish are:

  • news about the web-site
  • unveiling of the logo for the event
  • Venue and accommodation related stuff
  • Call for Papers (yes, the absolute thrill of previewing good topics is irresistible)

So, here’ what those of us working towards making this event a success would request you to do.

The GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 is aimed towards a much wider coverage by pulling in users and developers (hmm… what’s new you say ?), ISVs, OEMs (especially NetBook OEMs), tools and infrastructure folks, documentation folks and of course participants from other desktop environments. Since we may (or, most likely may not) know all these folks, if you’d be knowing someone who should be at the event, do help us get in touch with them (drop a comment on this blog entry and, I’ll make sure that we are talking). Additionally, pass the word around to your favorite GNOME folks in order to cajole/coax/tantrum them into attending. And, if you are a company who is interested in sponsorship – you are one person I’d love to start a conversation with the moment I return from my (supposed ;)) vacation.

In short, please give the event some love and, help make this a wonderful summit to attend.

In a spot with F-Spot

F-Spot is my tool of choice when uploading pictures to my albums. Yesterday, I managed, through my sheer idiocy, to mess things up.

Here’s what I did. I had a couple of ‘must upload’ pictures in a folder under another user’s $home on the laptop. So, I

  1. copied them across to my normal user
  2. changed the ownership appropriately
  3. imported the pictures via f-spot
  4. selected a few and uploaded them
  5. deleted the folder containing the pictures

A short while later, I figured that I had to upload a few more pictures from the same folder so, I

  1. copied them across to my normal user
  2. begun to import the pictures via f-spot
  3. saw f-spot crash on me

Anyone can see that during the second time, I forgot to change the ownership. So, figuring that was the issue, I followed the earlier steps, this time remembering to change ownership and, executed the application. It still crashed. So, I have a couple of questions:

  • is this worth filing a bug ? (Given that I did this through my own inexactness)
  • can I fix this so that the application will eventually start and, I can continue using it ? (I don’t want to clean the system of all traces of the application and re-install)

I am currently using f-spot- on Fedora 10