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I have been using Transifex based systems for a couple of days/weeks now. And, in line with what I did mention on my micro-blog, Transifex and Lotte make things really easy. The coolest devel crew makes that happen. And, since they lurk online and engage with their users, every little tweak or, improvement that is suggested and considered makes the consumers feel part of the good work they are doing. Good karma and awesome excitement all around.

At some point in time during the week, I’d put them in the tickets as feature enhancements. However, for the time being, here’s a couple:

  • Lotte should allow me to click on a file that is not yet translated for my language and, add it to the collection. If I recall correctly, the current way to add it is to download the .pot, convert to the appropriate .po and, upload it with comments etc
  • Lotte needs to allow “Copy from Source”. This should accelerate translation by removing the extra step of having to actually select, copy and paste. This comes in handy when translating strings within tags or, brands/trademarks and so forth
  • Handling and using translation memory could be built into Lotte. For a particular file in a specific language within a project, it could perhaps provide suggestions of translated words. In the future, allowing teams to add their glossaries would make it a more powerful tool too. Having said that, I’ve always wondered what happens when team glossaries are created from files across various projects – is there a license compatibility soup problem that could crop up ?
  • A Transifex installation could provide notifications of new files or, updated files for the language. This could be limited to the files for which the last translator is the person receiving the notices or, ideally, could be for the language itself.
  • Statistics – providing each language a visual representation of commits over time or, per contributor commits would also be a nice addition

So much for Transifex, in fact, I need to write out all of that in a nicer way so as to allow the possibility of these turning into GSoC projects within Transifex.

Coming to Virtaal. With lokalize being unbearably useless for me (it adds garbled text or whitespaces into files when using the stock F11 supplied one) and, before it is commented, no I haven’t filed a bug yet, getting the files done was a bit more important at that specific point. So, mea culpa. But I do check with every yum update and, it is still the same. The specific issue with Virtaal is that each time one gets a new string loaded for translation, the text input area loses the input method details. Which means that it is a constant game of switch back and forth between the inputs. Sadly enough, this is the only software that currently works for me (I don’t want to set up a local pootle/transifex instance and, do web based translation)

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10 thoughts on “Looking forward to some improvements”

  1. I’d suggest reporting that bug (and other bugs) to Virtaal’s bugzilla, they are pretty responsive.

  2. Nice writeup Sankarshan, hope some of those features get implemented.

    Re po editors, poedit and gtranslator also work just fine for me on F11.

  3. The Virtaal issue is already known to the team and, is on their BZ. I usually hang out on #pootle as well and, can confirm that they are really nice folks.

  4. I know. However, I don’t want to end up experimenting with a lot of tools. I was an infrequent user of KBabel and, then they deprecated it with Lokalize. I reluctantly started using it till it became unusable. Virtaal was a choice based on suggestions received on #pootle. I like Virtaal and, the issue I have is more to do with non latin languages I believe.

  5. Yes, the GTK+ bug with the input methods is pretty serious, but is luckily already fixed in GTK+. Can anybody confirm that this is working now with GTK+ 2.18? I guess all the newest releases of the major distros will have this fixed automatically (even with older versions of Virtaal).

    I’m looking forward to your impressions when you can comfortably use it without this distraction 🙂 Oh, and Virtaal 0.5 is on its way, and keep an eye open for the next version of Pootle!

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