The GSoC roundup of OPYUM

This the mandatory final post on GSoC and the project where I was a mentor. I think Debarshi would be writing in about his own experiences, but here’s an update from my side. The submitted proposal for GSoC had the following goals:

+ a process to import/export different profiles on a system and switch between them so that “YumPacks” could be created for different target systems

+ ability to create YumPacks, containing all the dependencies for installing/updating a set of packages on a particular system, which can be easily carried around in any offline media

+ ability to install/update a bunch of packages from a YumPack

+ package the program for inclusion into the Fedora repository

The current release has achieved the first two objectives – installation/updation of packages from a YumPack is performed by extracting the RPMs from the YumPack and using system-install-packages to install/update the RPMs. The package has also been submitted for review.

Coming up next are:

+ getting YumPacks to be directly recognised by system-install-packages

+ backing up /var/cache/yum to be reused by Yum

+ improvements to the UI, better error handling

So, what were the “wish we could have done” things ? Well,

– more testing : Opyum needs to be more aggressively tested across various UseCases

– issue/bug/rfe tracker: should be perhaps handled through the bugzilla if the package review is a +

– handling of non en_US locales: there’s a bug on this if you are interested in tracking

– better UI: the current UI is just functional

– localization

All summed up, it’s been good to see Opyum develop and get to the package review stage. Thanks Debarshi for the wonderful ride.