The Party

Umm ok it was the Project Day 🙂 and we had the same hall as yesterday (Seminar Hall A – 120 seater). From the grand scale of what was to be a OO.o RegiCon (Regional Conference) to the Project Day it has been a fairly long road. The underlying notion of having a Project Day was to talk around the 3 dominant themes:

  • lower the barrier of entry to the project
  • get more contributors to access resources from the project
  • ideate about creating a “community” around the project in India

The last point is a kind of thorn_in_you_know_where especially when it comes to India. There is closed door (and often forked) contributions which do not see the light of upstream and more often than not, not much focus on the areas which can be called the infrastructure blocks of spellcheckers, dictionaries and the like. It is in this respect that I looked forward to the Documentation related talk from Frank Peters – that is an area that could do with some love especially when it comes to providing local language documentation. Additionally, getting an insight into areas like extensions, documentation, macros allows someone to choose what and where to contribute to.

A round of thanks to those who came a long way to be part of the Project Day, it was nice to meet old friends and make new ones. I had fun, and I hope that if we can manage the BoF tomorrow it would be fun as well.

We need to figure out why is not doing the Google Highly Open Participation Contest.