A web-calendar for events – does that sound nice ?

For as long as I can remember I have found the LWN.net Community Calendar very useful. It would perhaps be nice to have a similar web-based calendar for Fedora events across the world. Currently, the events are tracked by this page. That is nice but doesn’t give the visual representation of a month full of events world-wide.

It would be nice to have a calendar that integrates with FAS and, allows someone to post the details of the event. Another group of folks, can take a look-see at the posting and approve it to be listed. The original poster could choose to be the event owner or, add someone who is the actual owner. Since Events etc fall under the ambit of FAmSCo, perhaps they might consider this stuff.

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4 thoughts on “A web-calendar for events – does that sound nice ?”

  1. We’ve been discussing this on and off in the infrastructure group for a year or so. Recently Zarafa got added to the repos as a first step in setting it up as a project-wide calendar. Just search the infrastructure list archives for ‘calend’ (not ‘calendar’, since one of the threads misspells it as ‘calender’) to see all the discussion.

  2. Hey ,

    It would be great idea man! when r u planning to implement it?

    And yes; LWN calendar is an benchmark for lot of projects.

    I am not so sure that google calendar provide what sort functionality.Might check out….

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