Notes collation … again

  • The post from Jono surprisingly echoes the thoughts crossing my mind when I was sitting through Alolita’s talk at GNUnify2008. Two things are annoying – [1] too deep and mechanical analysis of successful communities in order to learn the process or methods that make these communities successful and [2] not putting enough emphasis on the “social bonds” that glue the community together. For all the bling and fancy stuff, a community grows organically because of friendly out-going people who swap ideas, share stories. Friendship won’t really replace good community practice, but just methods and tools won’t create a community – either of creation or of consumption.
  • Pravin Satpute has a post on how to test Open Type Fonts. He’s been working on fonts and collation for a while and this would be a blog worth tracking. One of the cribs I have with the post is related to the point 2 where it is expected of the end-user to create the test file. I guess this is something that can also be supplied as a Test Case Document.
  • This is what I took a stab at during my talk(?) at GNUnify2008. And was ever so surprised to find that the students use a combination of IM and Google Docs to swap notes.
  • Congratulations are in order for Arindam, Subhodip and Ria for getting campus offers. Just don’t cut down on your contributions to the respective projects.

Douglas R Hofstadter collection is what happened yesterday.