See you at 2008 where knowledge shall set you free

Knowledge shall set you free” – with these words the organizational ninjas of that you-must-attend-at-least-once event called have set in place a very interesting meet. These are interesting times we live in. Times of Open Standards, Open Formats, freedom to share, to collaborate and to synthesize new content using affordable and sometimes non-traditional means. There is a neat line up of talks this time around and a I expect that the fun bit would not be the talks themselves but the ideas that buzz around once the floor is ready for a debate. A debate is something that any speaker would look forward to – since it provides adds another perspective to the truth. Knowledge is a constant striving search for truth and in its various forms and shapes I expect lots of interesting conversations. Of course, its Delhi and JNU and it would be meeting old friends and making new ones.

I plan to muse a bit about how the walled garden nomenclature of everything as “communities” is perhaps something that is a throwback to the times when we needed labels and tokens to recognize a movement. And now it is a time for a re-think and a relook to what exactly we mean by communities. Runa will perhaps be blogging about her talk as well.
To get to the venue all you require is a mind open to experiences and a printout of this page.
Knowledge shall set you free