Some segments from the 11th 5 year plan

The 11th 5 Year Plan’s IT section available from this link [~ 3MB PDF] has a few mentions about Indian Language Computing. A few selected bits are as below, but do read the document as well.

  • A project for introducing ‘Master’ level and ‘Post Graduate Diploma’ level courses in the domains of Knowledge Engineering, Computational Linguistics and Software Localization has been initiated at eight institutions in India
  • Out of the proposed 6% of GDP spending on education in the NCMP, 1% should be set aside for IT-support to education through PTICs, HSPTICs, local language content creation, installation of PCs in each of the government primary and secondary schools.
  • Maximize Government transactions online through development of content in local languages.
  • India has 22 official languages and this advocates the requirement of content in local language for different regions. Enabling all Government transactions online, necessitating development of content in local languages. Software applications for domestic use should be useable by more than 50% of the population rather than by restricting them to a mere 5% of the English speaking population
  • Making available all basic software as FOSS with Indic interfaces and make appropriate fund available for the same
  • Service support of FOSS at lower cost to all taluka towns, through Call Centers in all regional languages,
  • Setting up a Central Lab (what is normally referred to as a Society in DIT parlance) for Indian Languages and Speech Technologies along the lines of C-DAC etc. This should be supported by Regional Labs.

The intentions are fairly well documented what is now required is getting things done.